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3-Day Golf Package in Algarve: The Ultimate Golf Getaway

In the embrace of Portugal’s sun-drenched Algarve region, a golfer’s paradise awaits, promising not just a swing of the club but a symphony of emotions across three glorious days. With its majestic landscapes and coastal elegance, Algarve invites players from around the world. 

With the Atlantic always present and its sunny cliffs, the Algarve is also known for its golf courses which benefit from the refreshing sea breeze. The 3-day golf packages include more than just playing golf. They also include luxurious accommodation and memorable experiences. 

Join us on a journey where golf becomes a heartfelt expression,  and where the next three days in the  Algarve promise not just swings!

Golf Package From 205€: Swing, Stay, and Spa in Style! 

Elevate your golfing escapade with Boavista Golf & Spa Package. An endless feast of fun, greens, and post-game pampering. Nestled in the heart of the resort, Bela Colina Village invites you to a golf break that transcends the ordinary. Rest in spacious 2-bedroom apartments surrounded by palm, olive, and almond trees. A stylish retreat after conquering the Boavista Course with its breathtaking Atlantic views and sub-tropical allure. 

Priced at just €205 per person (for groups of 4) for 3 nights, the package includes a 2-bedroom standard townhouse, pre-booked tee times, and the flexibility to book more on arrival. Enjoy free access to the outdoor pool, 3 Green-Fees for 18 holes, Wi-Fi, and parking. 

For post-game relaxation, enjoy a 50% discount on Spa access with an indoor pool, jacuzzi, sauna, gym, and steam room. Indulge in discounted spa treatments and a special rate at the Clubhouse restaurant, completing a golfing getaway where style meets endless enjoyment. 

Golf Package From 409€: A Symphony of Luxury and Greens !

Escape to paradise with Amendoeira’s exclusive 3 Day Luxury Golf Package. Offering luxury accommodation and world-class courses sprawled over 270 hectares of scenic beauty, this package is  ideal for small groups. The experience includes stays in lavish 1 or 2-bedroom apartments and spacious 3-bedroom villas. 

Priced from Є409 per person (for groups of 4), the 3-night package encompasses daily breakfast and 3 pre-booked Green Fees at Faldo and/or O’Connor Jnr. Course.  Additional tee times, a “Replay” option, and a choice between a buggy or manual trolley (subject to availability) provide all the flexibility you need. 

Beyond golf, guests enjoy free access to the Sports Club facilities and a resort shuttle. Free Wi-Fi, parking, and special deals for pros complete the experience.

Golf Package From 540€: The Crown Jewel of Golf Retreats!

Get ready for a unique golfing escape with Dom Pedro Experience Premium in one of the Dom Pedro Hotels, nestled just a two-minute saunter from Vilamoura Beach. Picture elegant rooms, a spa featuring an indoor pool, jacuzzi, and a fitness centre equipped with cardio gear. Golf at the prestigious Victoria and/or Old Course, the crown jewels of Vilamoura Golf Courses. This is not just golf; it’s a rendezvous with golfing royalty. 

Priced at €540 per person for a delightful 3-night stay, the package includes a twin room, buffet breakfast, 3 Green Fees (yes, that’s 18 holes each) and exclusive access to the Aquae Spa. With free transfers to and from the golf courses, it’s a golfing fairy tale. 

And the perks keep rolling – one in every eight golfers plays for free, and the transfers ensure you arrive in style at the courses.

Why Choose a 3 Day Golf Package? 

Booking a three-day golf package offers a comprehensive golfing experience with numerous benefits that appeal to both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers to the sport. Here are three compelling reasons why indulging in such a package is a great idea:

  1. Uninterrupted Golfing Bliss: With a three-day package, you have ample time to immerse yourself fully in the game without the usual time constraints. This extended duration allows for multiple rounds of golf, enabling you to refine your skills, enjoy different courses, and savor the unique challenges each one presents. Whether you’re working on your swing or simply relishing the beauty of the course, the luxury of time enhances the overall experience.
  2. Cost-Effectiveness: Bundling multiple days of golf into a package often results in significant cost savings compared to booking individual rounds. Many packages include accommodations, meals, and additional amenities, offering excellent value for money. By opting for a three-day package, you not only save on the per-round fees but also benefit from the convenience and potential discounts on ancillary services.
  3. Relaxation and Recreation: Beyond the fairways, a golf package offers an opportunity for relaxation and recreation. Many resorts and destinations boast luxurious amenities such as spas, pools, fine dining, and outdoor activities. A three-day package allows you to strike the perfect balance between golfing excitement and leisurely indulgence, ensuring a rejuvenating getaway that caters to both your passion for the sport and your desire for relaxation.

In essence, booking a three-day golf package provides an ideal blend of golfing satisfaction, affordability, and leisure, making it an enticing option for avid golfers seeking an unforgettable retreat. Elevate your golfing journey to new heights and book now you next golfer’s paradise.